How do I activate my smartphone without using a camera?

Continue with the steps below if your smartphone camera is broken or if you prefer not to allow the Duo app access to your camera.

  1. At the QR Code window, click on the "an email activation link" hyperlink.

  2. At the "Link this Smartphone" window, enter a memorable label for your smartphone, your smartphone's phone number, and an email address accessible from your smartphone at the moment, then click the [SEND EMAIL] button.

  3. Access the email account you entered above on your smartphone, then click on the hyperlink found in the email.
    This step must be performed on the smartphone you are attempting to add MFA to.

  4. The hyperlink will open your Duo app and automatically add the UCLA Logon account to the application.
    (The hyperlink may need to open your smartphone's default browser first, before the Duo app is opened.)