How do I activate UCLA Multi-Factor Authentication on a tablet?

The following step-by-step instructions detail how to activate UCLA Logon Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using any of the following device: tablet.

If you are activating a smartphone or tablet, first install the Duo Mobile application on your device:

Adding the UCLA Logon Multi-Factor Authentication service to your Tablet

  1. Log into the MFA Management Page at
  2. At the "Link a Device:" window, select Tablet.

  3. If you have already installed the Duo Mobile application found at the top of this page, place a checkbox at "I have installed Duo Mobile on my device." and click on the [CONTINUE] button. Otherwise, download and install the Duo Mobile application for your Tablet OS.

  4. At the "Link your Tablet" window, enter a memorable label for your Tablet then click the [CONTINUE] button.

  5. At the following QR Code window:

    1. Open the Duo Mobile application on your tablet.

    2. Click on the [+] button at the top-right of the screen.

    3. Using your tablet's Duo Mobile application, scan the QR Code displayed on your screen on the enrollment website. If your tablet does not have a camera, its camera is broken, or you prefer not to allow the Duo app access to your tablet's camera, please click here.

    4. The UCLA Logon Multi-Factor Authentication service has now been added to your Duo Mobile application.

  6. The Tablet you just added should now be listed under Linked Devices:.