How to generate a batch of passcodes

Passcodes can be used for authentication in the event you're offline or without cellular network.

You can request a batch of 10 one-time use passcodes to be sent to your mobile phone via text message to your cellphone. Generating these passcodes are useful as a backup in the event that your registered devices become inaccessible and you need to login/register a new device. We also recommand to generate these passcodes before traveling in case you experiance no cellular data service. 

Note: Users can use any code from the text message, the order does not matter. Passcodes are one-time use. The passcode will work as long as it has not been used in the past and they have not received a new batch of passcodes. Requesting a new batch of passcodes will invalidate all previous batches.

  1. Log into the MFA management website at:
  2. At the MFA window, make sure you have selected the correct device that you would like the passcodes sent to, then click on the [Enter a Passcode] button.

  3. Click on the [Text me new codes] button.