Identity & Accounts Manager (IAM Accounts) Details

What you need to know

The Identity & Accounts Manager (IAM Accounts) application makes it easy for you to create or look up a UCLA Logon ID, reset your password, manage your security and privacy settings, and review all University online services that grant you access. 

IAM Accounts also integrates multi-factor authentication (MFA) into the UCLA Logon ID creation process, allowing new users to enroll immediately in MFA and add that extra layer of security to their accounts. 


1. When will IAM Accounts go live?

The new site went live on December 18, 2017.  

2. How does this change affect me (existing customers)?

IAM Accounts offers existing users a new, more intuitive interface. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is also incorporated into the application, so if you’re not yet enrolled, it is even easier to sign up.

The new application also offers:

  • A complete redesign of the site, supporting UCLA branding guidelines;
  • A responsive (mobile-friendly) interface;
  • A more robust and secure infrastructure; and
  • Content that is easy to navigate, with help just a click away.

3. Whom do I contact if I have issues using IAM Accounts?

Please contact the IT Support Center for support: or (310) 267-4357.

4. Can I Still Use was disabled when IAM Accounts went live in December 2017. Visitors to will be redirected to IAM Accounts.

5. Can I access the application on a mobile device? 

Yes, IAM Accounts is responsive and fully functional on smartphones and tablets.

6. What are the requirements of this application?

To use IAM Accounts, you must have an updated, modern browser (Internet Explorer or Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) with a recent version of JavaScript enabled.

7. What is the URL for IAM Accounts?

Starting December 18, the URL will be Please make sure to change any bookmarks or references you have for the original site to IAM Accounts.

8. Any Future Enhancements Planned?

We’ll continue to enhance IAM Accounts and add useful features to it. Future updates will include additional account recovery options, such as SMS-based and alternative email recovery; options to edit incorrect personal information such as names and email addresses; and the ability to view which applications you have accessed.