What Departments Need to Know

The IAM Accounts site offers a variety of enhancements but also creates two issues that departments, especially departmental IT staff, should keep in mind:

Update related Documentation 

Please change written or online materials that reference logon.ucla.edu to the new URL, http://accounts.iam.ucla.edu/. Any screenshots from logon.ucla.edu or my.logon.ucla.edu also should be replaced. This includes all references to MFA enrollment, which will no longer reside at my.logon.ucla.edu but within the IAM Accounts application.

Communicate the Maintenance Schedule

During the implementation, it will not be possible to create UCLA Logon IDs, reset/change passwords, update email forwarding, look up UCLA Logon IDs, update MFA settings, or setup Google email accounts. Visitors to the following sites will see maintenance pages from 4 p.m., December 17, to 8 a.m., December 18:

After the implementation, https://logon.ucla.edu and https://my.logon.ucla.edu will begin redirecting users to the new IAM Accounts site: http://accounts.iam.ucla.edu/

If you would like to test the QA site in the meantime, please visit http://accounts-qa.iam.ucla.edu/