IT Transformation

A university-wide IT assessment was launched in mid-August to review, assess, and evaluate the current information technology environment and provide recommendations as well as a roadmap for improving and aligning IT capabilities to meet the strategic needs of its students, faculty, researchers, and staff. 

The scope of the project encompassed a comprehensive review of UCLA’s IT governance, financial management, IT talent, and IT capabilities (inclusive of applications, infrastructure, data, services, and security). The objective of this project was to understand what is working well and where there may be opportunities to improve based on best practices and the specific needs of UCLA.

The input and insights of UCLA personnel were critical to the success of this effort. The team kicked off the project with a series of interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders as well as held weekly office hours for those not directly interviewed. Office hours provided an opportunity for the UCLA community to get to know the project team, ask questions, provide insights, and better understand the scope and objective of this effort. The assessment continued through mid-October. 

For the interviews and focus groups participants, refer to the Interviews and Focus Groups.

For FAQs, refer to the IT Assessment FAQs.

For the summary report of the current state assessment, refer to the Current State Assessment Summary Report