Announcement: BOL Guest Access

Bruin OnLine (BOL) has rolled out a new utility that will allow sponsored guests of UCLA employees access to the campus public network, which includes IT Services-managed wireless access points and authentication portal-enabled wired Ethernet ports, such as those found in the library. The guest logon IDs will work for all networks that route RADIUS requests for guest logons to the IT Services RADIUS servers. Current UCLA career staff with a BOL account, acting as a sponsor, can provide their guests with temporary guest logon IDs using one of three methods:

  • guest requested
  • individually provisioned
  • bulk provisioned

Guests can use the application to request a temporary logon ID from their sponsor. Sponsors then generate the temporary logon ID using the URL provided via email from the guest logon ID application. This notification will provide instructions and information on the guest's request.

UCLA employees can provision single temporary logon IDs by inputting guest information into the application and selecting the period of time for which the logon will be valid. Employees can also request temporary logon IDs in bulk for those occasions where 10-100 guest logon IDs are required (seminar, conference, etc.). The bulk provisioning tool provides the requestor with a tear-sheet in PDF format that can be used to both log guest information as well as provide guests with the necessary instructions for using their temporary logon. For users of the bulk provisioning tool that would like a simple, organized method for retaining records related to the guest logon IDs they generate, blank, pre-perforated forms are available. You may order them directly from Elk River Systems. Please contact BOL for item details.

Bruin OnLine
Email: | Phone: 310-267-4357

August 19, 2013