End of Life for Shibboleth Service Provider 2.4.3

Internet2 has announced that it will be terminating support for all but the most recent version of Shibboleth Service Provider (SP) by November 30, 2012.

With the release of Shibboleth’s Service Provider 2.5.0, the IAMUCLA team of IT Services would like to provide assistance to all teams running the software component with your upgrading needs. Internet2 recently announced that they will be terminating support for everything but the most current version of the Service Provider (SP) by November 30, 2012. This notice affects all teams who are running active campus SP’s version 2.4.3 and older.

Shibboleth SP is the software component installed on web servers to connect to UCLA’s Single Sign-On system. Shibboleth SP authenticates your access to online services on campus. It is important to maintain the latest version of this software to minimize its impact on our users.

Over the next few months, we recommend that any SP’s older than v2.5.0 be upgraded as soon as possible. Those continuing to run an outdated version incur potential risks with security issues, bugs that impact the functionality of the software, etc. These issues will no longer be addressed. Members of the IAMUCLA-user and IAMUCLA–tech lists have already been notified, but for information on how to check your SP version and instructions on how to upgrade, please refer to the IAMUCLA wiki page on Shibboleth SP 2.4.3 End of Life. If you would like to subscribe to the IAMUCLA mailing list for future notifications, please visit https://spaces.ais.ucla.edu/display/iamucla/IAMUCLAUserDiscussionList.

If you have any questions or require upgrading assistance, contact the IAMUCLA Team at iamucla@ucla.edu.