Google Groups is Now Hosting

Here's some info on the new mailing list interface.

All mailing lists are now being hosted on Google Groups. Each list has been configured with the default settings, which are somewhat restrictive. Administrators will need to log into the Google Groups web interface and configure their list(s) to their liking. The email address of each list, <listname>, will not change.

We’ve put together specific instructions for administrators of newly migrated lists.  

How do I log into the administrative interface?

All email addresses in Mailman that were listed under “Administrator” have been imported to Google Groups and set to “Owner.” In order to access the administrative interface, admins will need to log into a Google account that is associated with that email address. You can find detailed instructions online.

If you require additional assistance, please contact the Bruin OnLine Help Desk at or (310) 267-4357.