Deletion and Trash Retrieval in Box

When an item is deleted from Box, it goes in to the trash of the user who deleted it. Items that are in the Trash remain there indefinitely and are not auto-deleted after a certain period of time. Trashed items can be retrieved by clicking on the trash icon located in the pull down menu by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner:

Box Trash Location

Turn on notifications in your account settings for Deleted items in both folders that you own and folders that you have joined.
This best practice allows for you to have an email log of items that are deleted. You will be sent an email from Box every time a file is deleted. Here is a sample email of a deletion notification:

Box Deletion Notification

Therefore, if something is deleted that should not be, you will know who deleted it. You can then ask that person to remove it from their trash. You can access notifications by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner and then selecting “Account Settings.” Then select “Notifications” along the top menu bar. Then select the checkboxes for Deletes “In folder I own” and “in folders I’ve Joined.” See image below:

As the Admin for the department, you may receive a large volume of these email notifications. One recommendation is to create a separate folder in your email inbox that applies a rule for anything coming in from “Box Updates” to go to that folder. This method will move those notifications to a separate folder you can access only when necessary and not overwhelm your inbox with all of these box updates.