Understanding Your Bill

Your bill is issued monthly for chargeable products, features, services and usage. Different services are billed on different cycles, as shown below:


One month in advance

Current Month: 21st of previous month - 20th of current month

Previous 30 days

New Services




Recurring equipment, line, circuit and feature charges








All other charges




IT Services' services are recharged directly to departmental accounts via the UCLA General Ledger. Sundry Debtor customers are billed via invoices distributed by UCLA Student Accounting Services.

How Do I Make a Change to My Bill?

Type of change

Customer Type

How to make it

Billing Statement Name Changes

UCLA Departments

Make your request via the Webcenter under "Bill/Display Name Change."

Sundry Debtors

Email the information to billing@it.ucla.edu.

FAU Changes - Individual/Global

UCLA Departments

Make your request via the Webcenter under "FAU Changes."

Note: In general, all of the requests listed above received prior to or on the 18th of the month will be processed for the current monthly billing statement.

Campus Billing
Email: billing@it.ucla.edu | Phone: (310) 267-HELP (4357)

Residence Telephone Services (RTS)
Email: rts@it.ucla.edu | Phone: (310) 206-5000