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Google Workspace Alternate Storage Options

Depending on your needs and affiliation, UCLA offers several storage options to safely store your data. Use this table to identify the best-fitting solution for your data needs.​

See Google Workspace Alternate Storage Options for more information.

Campuswide Alternative Storage Options*

  Google Workspace Box Microsoft Office 365 (OneDrive, SharePoint) Kaltura


Eligibility by Affiliation Current faculty, staff, students Current faculty, staff, students Current faculty, staff Current faculty, staff, students Current faculty,
staff, students
Current faculty, staff, students (via California Digital Library)




-Data with low, moderate, and high security

-Currently not HIPAA compliant

-Data with low, moderate, and high security

-Currently not HIPAA compliant

Data with low to moderate security Video and audio files only (e.g., Zoom recordings, instruction, replacement for YouTube) Deidentified data only;
data can be restricted to
subset of users
Deidentified data only, public domain data (CC0)
Data Classification Level* P1/P2/P3/P4* P1/P2/P3/P4* P1/P2/P3* P1/P2/P3* P1* P1*

Available Capacity




Targeted baseline of 20GB 

Those eligible may acquire additional storage

Unlimited storage through November 2025

-50GB per A3 license

-100GB per A5 license

-Request upgrade to 5TB (additional cost)

Unlimited Up to 1TB per researcher; 
9GB for file; Larger datasets 
possible by arrangement
300GB per data publication; 10GB per file, no limit on the number of publications
Sharing & Collaboration Yes, with UCLA and external users Yes, with UCLA and external users Yes, with UCLA and external users Yes, with UCLA and external users Yes, with UCLA and external users. Dataverses can be created at a unit/department level that has its own access control and user permissions Not explicitly mentioned, but data intended for complete, reusable, open research datasets
Synchronous Collaboration Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

*Options for UCLA Health-affiliated researchers may be different than what is listed in the table. Please see UCLA Health Storage and Server Options(link is external) for more information.​

* Box security classification information:

**See UCOP cloud service deployment and sensitive data guidance

*** Data publishing and shared repositories, best for archival storage:

**** Active storage is for data that will be regularly viewed, updated, or accessed. Archival storage is for rarely accessed data. Backup-only storage consists simply of automatic backup of data on a set schedule.

Note: Contact local IT for storage for details regarding your department’s storage options

How to Obtain Additional Google Storage

Purchase additional storage. Depending on your primary affiliation, your UCLA Google account may be eligible to purchase additional storage. Currently only faculty and staff are eligible to purchase additional storage by providing an FAU during the request process. This request process will be through UCLA Software Central when it is available. Options for storage purchase will be presented in the coming months, at a cost of $144 per TB per year.