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Google Workspace Common Questions


Google has eliminated the free unlimited storage offering that they have provided to the K-12 and higher education community along with their rebranding from Google G Suite for Education to Google Workspace Education. UCLA currently uses more than six times our storage allocation in our entire Google Workspace for Education environment based on our current contract, and we need to reduce our storage to below our allocation, or the university will be charged significant fees. We have until November 1, 2024, to complete the adjustment to our services, reduce our overall storage usage, and implement quotas to all UCLA Google individual accounts and Shared Drives accordingly. 

  • Check if you are over your Permanent Baseline Quota. Check your current storage in relation to your Permanent Baseline Quota. All accounts have been assigned a Permanent Baseline Quota; review your Permanent Baseline Quota based on your primary affiliation here. You can check your overall Google storage usage and the breakdown of usage in Google Drive, Gmail, and Photos in your account at Enter your UCLA Logon ID + ‘’ (i.e., as the Email address or username to log in when prompted. Visit this article if you have trouble logging in. This step should be completed by June 27, 2024, when the Permanent Baseline Quotas are implemented and enforced.​
  • Clean up your email and Google Drives. Delete any files, folders, or email that you are confident you no longer need from Google Mail, Drive and Photos. As a reminder, your Shared Drives should only be used for UCLA-related purposes.​
  • Back up and delete your Google Drives. Visit the Backing Up Your Google Workspace and Other Data article for information on recommended ways to backup your data.​
  • Remove or transfer any personal/private/non-UCLA emails, photos and files to your personal/non-UCLA account(s). Visit the Google Workspace Tips for Storage Hygiene article for details.​
  • If you need additional assistance reducing your storage use, schedule a consultation by emailing​
  • Visit the Google Workspace Service Adjustments website for the the latest, most up to date information on how to reduce your data storage usage to comply with your Permanent Baseline Quota.​

Containment ceilings are temporary storage limits set slightly above the current usage of accounts on December 15, 2023. The purpose of these containment ceilings was to contain any further growth in the data storage usage before implementing the Permanent Baseline Quotas.​

Permanent Baseline Quotas are the storage limits set for each account based on primary affiliation, and they will be implemented on June 27, 2024. This is the storage limit that your storage use must be under by June 27, 2024 in order to avoid disruption to your UCLA Google services. Note that some accounts, based on primary affiliation, may have the option to purchase additional storage to supplement their Permanent Baseline Quota. See the Permanent Baseline Quotas page and the Alternative Storage Options page for additional details. 

If the collective UCLA Google services storage usage is not under compliance by November 1, 2024, UCLA will face broad and immediate service disruption across accounts that are over-quota. If everyone in the Bruin community complies with their respective Permanent Baseline Quota, our collective UCLA Google services storage usage will be under compliance and service disruption will be avoided. From June 27, 2024 to November 1, 2024 our project team will be focused on all outstanding reductions and ensuring our environment is in compliance to avoid all service disruptions.

The new Permanent Baseline Quotas are going to be enforced on June 27, 2024. UCLA Google accounts that exceed their Permanent Baseline Quota on or after June 27, 2024, will not be able to undertake any activity that adds to storage consumption (e.g., can’t edit or create documents, upload files) until storage is reduced to under the quota. You can still sign into your Google Workspace account, view and send Gmail and download files.

Permanent Baseline Quotas will be implemented on all UCLA related Google personal accounts and shared drives starting June 27, 2024. Visit the Permanent Baseline Quotas page to see the Permanent Baseline Quota assigned to each affiliation/account type. ​

You can check your overall Google storage usage and breakdown of usage in Google Drive, Gmail, and Photos by following the directions at Personal Drives: How to check your current storage usage and capacity.

Permanent Baseline Quotas

Exceeding your quota will impact your ability to create new documents or perform any activity that adds to your storage consumption. You can still sign into your Google Workspace account, view email, and download files. Once you remove or transfer content so that you are below your quota or increase your quota, your account will go back to operating normally

Options to obtain additional storage include the following:​

  • Explore alternate storage options. Depending on your needs and affiliation, UCLA offers several storage options to safely store your data with options that may offer more storage than your assigned Permanent Baseline Quota for UCLA Google accounts. Visit the Alternate Storage Options page of this site and reference the featured Campuswide Alternate Storage options table to identify the best-fitting solution for your data needs.​
  • Purchase additional storage. Depending on your primary affiliation, your UCLA Google account may be eligible to purchase additional storage. Visit the Alternate Storage Options page for details on eligibility and instructions. Options for storage purchase will be presented in the coming months, at a cost of $144 per TB per year.

UCLA Gmail will continue to send and receive email if your account is active, regardless of your storage consumption. Please note that if your Google account is over quota after June 27, 2024, your account services including email will be at risk of service disruption.

No, they are attributed to the owner’s account. 

If your affiliation changes, your UCLA Google account permanent baseline quota will be adjusted to the baseline quota assigned to your new primary affiliation. Note that community members with multiple affiliations will be assigned their permanent baseline quota based on their primary affiliation, which is set in the following order: faculty (including emeriti), staff, students, retirees, alumni.

For example, if your affiliation changes from faculty to retiree, the change will be processed when the subsequent quarterly affiliation audit is complete. Once your new affiliation is made official, you will receive a message from ITS confirming your new permanent baseline quota. You will have approximately 4 weeks to reduce your storage usage until it is under your new permanent baseline quota.

Containment Ceilings

Containment ceilings were announced on November 29, 2023 and were applied to all current faculty, staff, and students’ UCLA Google accounts — inclusive of individual Drives, Gmail and Photos, and Shared Drives — based on their current usage on December 15, 2023, through June 26, 2024. The containment ceiling was set above the account’s current usage as of December 15 to inhibit large storage growth. These ceilings were intentionally crafted as a temporary measure providing a grace period before applying the Permanent Baseline Quotas.

The following containment ceilings will be implemented: 

Containment Ceilings  

Current Usage 

Containment Ceiling 



18 – 45GB 


46 – 95GB 


95 – 190GB 


190 – 450GB 


450 – 950GB 


950GB - 1.9TB 


1.9 - 4.5TB 


> 5 TB 

Based on use case 

Storage is a combination of Shared and Personal Drives, Gmail, and Photos. 

The containment quota was applied to the combined data in Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos within a UCLA Google account to minimize the impact to processes reliant on Google storage. 

Shared Drive Managers were asked on December 7, 2023, to check the size of their Shared Drives and clean up the data stored in them if the storage usage went over the containment ceilings. Similar to Personal Drives, the containment ceiling for Shared Drives were set slightly above the current usage was on December 15, 2023. 

Shared Drives will also be provided with a way to increase their storage.

Containment ceilings were designed to offer flexibility and were set above what was your current usage on December 15, 2023. Requests for temporary increases to storage during the contain phase were accepted at ​

Permanent Baseline Quotas will be implemented on June 27, 2024. If you do not reduce your storage so that it is under compliance to your Permanent Baseline Quota, you will be at risk of disruption to your UCLA Google account and its services – regardless of whether or not you were granted a containment ceiling increase.​


Familiarize yourself and comply with the UC records management program by: (1) knowing the content of records; (2) confirming the retention period based on content per the UC Records Retention Schedule (3) securely disposing of records when the retention period ends. 

Do not dispose of any records that are subject to a legal action/legal hold; such records must be retained for as long as pending legal process is active.  

Behind the scenes, there is a substantial difference. The University of California negotiated a system-wide agreement that gives the university administrative and legal ownership of the data within, and ensures UC security requirements are upheld. This means that UC’s Electronic Communications Policy protects your account. Also, UCLA Google Workspace accounts are branded with our domain and users are not presented with advertising. 

The current process documentation outlines what happens when you leave UCLA or graduate. The project team is currently evaluating this process, given the changes that Google has announced.

Exceeding the Google Mail quota of 20GB will impact your ability to send and/or receive emails. You can still log in to your Google Mail account, view email, and download files. Once you remove emails so that you are below the 20GB quota for email  your account will go back to operating normally. ​

Note that if your primary affiliation is alumni or retiree your Google Mail quota will be set at your Permanent Baseline Quota – 5GB. Hence, exceeding the Google Mail quota of 5GB will impact your ability to send and/or receive emails. You can still log in to your Google Mail account, view email, and download files. Once you remove emails so that you are below the 5GB quota for email  your account will go back to operating normally.