Key Initiatives

IT Services is partnering with academic, research, and administrative units throughout UCLA to help advance departmental missions, enhance productivity, and leverage cost-effective IT infrastructure. 

strengthen the foundation: enterprise infrastructure solutions, enterprise information security, application modernization; advance the mission: constituent experience and relationship management, enterprise data analytics, academic technology


Strengthen the Foundation


  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Description: Establish processes to recover systems and data when disaster or human-error event occurs.

    Project Manager: Michael Van Norman
  • Telephony
  • Description: Modernize Telephony services to improve voice services efficiency and eliminate costly hardware equipment.

    Project Manager: Zach Patalingjug

Information Security

  • FireEye Endpoint Security (FES) Agent Rollout
  • Description: Install the FireEye Endpoint Security (FES) agent on university-owned devices used to store, process, or transmit UCLA data.

    Benefits: Applies cybersecurity protection to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of intellectual property, research, university data, and systems.

    Project Manager: Drake Chang
  • Qualys Vulnerability Management
  • Description: Onboard all campus units to the Qualys Vulnerability Management platform to detect and assess vulnerabilities.

    Benefits: Provides threat awareness for systems and applications. If left unchecked, these threats could be exploited by attackers to compromise systems resulting in service disruption, exposure of sensitive data, ransomware, etc.

    Project Manager: Drake Chang
  • Third Party Risk Management (TPRM), Vendor and DFARS Form Integration into ServiceNow
  • Description: Implement Third-Part Risk Management (TPRM), Vendor and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) business flow forms into ServiceNow.

    Benefits: Delivers innovative content to improve learning with little risk to the university.

    Project Manager: Ernesto Carrasco
  • IAM Modernization
  • Description: Strengthen, mature and modernize IAM  systems, processes, data management, and technical architecture.

    Project Manager: Jeffery Crawford
  • Bruin Secure (Campus Engagement)
  • Description: Equip students, faculty and staff with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves and UCLA’s information, technology, and reputation from criminal elements, data breaches, and other cyber threats.

    Project Manager: Ernesto Carrasco
    See Bruin Secure Charter.

Application Services

  • Ascend Procurement
  • Description: Implement JAGGAER procure to pay solution, to support procurement-related processes, and modernize legacy systems and applications.

    Benefits: Modernizes campus financial systems and transforms business processes.

    Project Manager: Mark DeMaio (Project Director) and Matthew Trimmer (Project Manager)

    See Ascend website.
  • Ascend Financials
  • Description: Implement Oracle Financials Cloud to achieve crucial, modern efficiencies, streamline reporting needs, and meet regulatory requirements.

    Benefits: Modernizes campus financial systems and transforms business processes.

    Project Director: Mark DeMaio

    See Ascend website.
  • Financial Aid Cloud Environment Technology (FACET)
  • Description: Replace UCLA’s aging mainframe-based Financial Aid system.

    Benefits: Improves student financial aid portal experiences with interactive features like an embedded financial aid calculator, four-year financial aid projections, and document upload with eSignature.

    Project Manager: Ming Fu

    See FACET website.
  • GitHub 
  • Description: GitHub cloud campus wide, as a source control management system to provide tracking and managing changes to code.

    Project Manager: Janice Chin

Advance the Mission

Customer Experience

  • Customer Experience Assessment
  • Description: Assess IT Services Customer Experience (CX) group in an effort to identify opportunities to improve internal efficiencies and services delivered for students, faculty, and staff.

    Project Manager: Jennifer Ferry
  • Software Central  (Phase 1)
  • Description: Migrate Software Central (SWC) operational frontend UI and backend database from 20+ year old legacy FileMaker Pro platform to ServiceNow.

    Project Manager: Matt Hedges
  • Asset Management
  • Description: Create a single source of truth to understand where IT Services’ physical property is located and to centralize enterprise data.

    Project Manager: Mike Quirk
  • Inventory Classification
  • Description: Perform requirements analysis for  Configuration Management Database (CMDB) attribute categorization and tagging.

    Project Manager: Drake Chang
  • Service Catalog
  • Description: Develop a service catalog that provides clarity to end users on the services offered, including the following information: Service category, Service description, Service availability, Service-specific SLAs, Service owner and Service costs (if applicable).

    Project Manager: Mike Quirk

Academic Technology

  • LMS Transformation
  • Description: Creating a solution that elevates the teaching and learning experience at UCLA.

    Benefits: Creates stronger, more accessible tools for course creation and management, enhancing the student experience.

    Project Manager: Gabriel Shamoun

    See LMS Transformation Website
  • Description: Standup the Learning Management System Center of Excellence.

    Benefits: Elevates the teaching and learning experience.

    Project Manager: Gabriel Shamoun

    See LMS Transformation Website

Operational Excellence

HR Optimization

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Description: Implement an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) solution that integrates with other HRIS systems to streamline the recruitment and selection process.

    Benefits: Improves the applicant, recruiter, and hiring manager experience with better efficiency and optimization for candidate selection.

    Project Manager: Haimant Batra
  • Interim HRPOC Ticketing System
  • Description: Implement HR Service Management/Case Management Solution for Campus Human Resources.

    Benefits: Simplifies access to HR services, improves process efficiency, and optimizes service delivery.

    Project Manager: Haimant Batra
  • JDXpert: Job Builder / Job Description System
  • Description: Implement a new Job Builder solution with integrated modules to streamline the compensation and classification processes.

    Benefits: Streamlines the compensation and classification processes and improves the job description building experience.

    Project Manager: Haimant Batra

Operating Model

  • Admin IT Unification
  • Description: Create IT Hub for Admin Services through the rationalization of services , consolidation of resources, and unification of IT staff.

    Project Manager: Jennifer Ferry
  • Organizational Transition
  • Description: Review and update the organizational model to align current and future services ITS will offer through the Digital Campus Roadmap.

    Project Manager: Jennifer Ferry