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New Quotas for UCLA Google Accounts Go Into Effect June 27

Dear Bruin Community:

We are writing to share that Google has introduced a new model for Google Workspace for Education (GWE) that ends unlimited storage on Nov. 1, 2024, for all educational institutions. In response, UCLA has initiated the campuswide Google Workspace Service Adjustments initiative to optimize digital storage use. Permanent Baseline Quotas will be implemented on all UCLA-related Google personal accounts and shared drives starting June 27, 2024.

Permanent Baseline Quotas Implementation

A Permanent Baseline Quota is the storage limit that an account’s use must be under to avoid disruption to UCLA Google services. We encourage all Bruins to check your current usage; the majority of Bruins do not exceed their quota allocations.

Primary Affiliation*

Permanent Baseline Quota

All staff and students (undergraduate and graduate students not graduating in 2024)

20 GB per account

Deans, faculty, emeriti, recall, non-faculty, postdocs, medical residents

See quota extension information below

Alumni, retirees

5 GB per account for email only

Students in the Class of 2024

5 GB per account (effective September 1, 2024)

Shared Drives

20 GB per drive

*Permanent Baseline Quota assignment is based on primary affiliation, set in the following order for those with multiple affiliations: faculty (including emeriti), staff, students, retirees, alumni.

Quota Extension Eligibility

A temporary one-year extension is available until June 2025 for research-related personal drive data storage for academic deans, faculty, emeriti, recall, non-faculty, postdocs and medical residents set at slightly above current usage. Academic students supporting research will have an extension for one term. While the extension is underway, members of these groups are asked to continue to reduce their storage use.

Shared Drives with research-related data can submit for a one-year extension provided through sponsorship with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Creative activities. Details will be communicated in subsequent outreach. Visit the Quota Extension Eligibility web page for details on eligibility criteria and expectations.

Alumni and Retiree Google Drive Disablement

The Google Drive application will be disabled as a service for all account holders with a primary alumni or retiree affiliation on June 27, 2024. All stored content must be removed prior to drive disablement. All content not removed will be permanently deleted.

What Happens Next?

  • Now through June 26, 2024: Containment ceilings remain in place. All Bruins are asked to reduce storage.
  • June 27, 2024: Containment ceilings will be replaced by Permanent Baseline Quotas. An optional model to acquire additional storage, at cost, when needed will be introduced.
  • June 27 through November 1, 2024: We must all do our part to collectively ensure campus readiness and compliance with Permanent Baseline Quotas. A new service model will be implemented.

Exceeding Quota

Options for purchasing additional Google storage will be provided in the coming months at the rate of $144/TB per year.

UCLA Google accounts that exceed their Permanent Baseline Quota on or after June 27, 2024, will not be able to undertake any activity that adds to storage consumption (e.g., can’t edit or create documents, upload files) until storage is reduced to under the quota. You can still sign into your Google Workspace account, view and send Gmail and download files.

How Do I Reduce My Google Storage Data?

Community members who are over their Permanent Baseline Quota must reduce their data storage usage to under quota by June 27, 2024. To prepare, you are encouraged to:

Additional Support

Please bookmark the Google Workspace Service Adjustments website and review the latest news, updates and resources to support you through the next phase of this initiative.

How Am I Affected? offers more information relevant to your affiliation and Tips for Data Hygiene has instructions on how to reduce your storage usage in accordance with your Permanent Baseline Quotas. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact

Additional communications to specific affiliation populations are forthcoming.

We appreciate your continued support. Your efforts are essential to our collective success with this initiative.


Michael J. Beck
Administrative Vice Chancellor

Roger M. Wakimoto
Vice Chancellor for Research & Creative Activities

Lucy Avetisyan
Associate Vice Chancellor
Chief Information Officer