Getting Access to QDB

The first thing to do (if you haven't already) is contact your Departmental Security Administrator (DSA), and ask her/him to fill out on online SAR (Systems Access Request) for you.

The SAR form is submitted to our department so we (and the data partners) can grant you access to QDB. Make sure that your DSA specifies what type of data you need to access in QDB. The different types of access you can request on the SAR are:

By selecting this option you are requesting access to all default QDB data systems, which include FS (Financial System) QDB, PAC QDB, BDG (Budget System) QDB, and R-Net QDB.

By selecting this option you are requesting access to all default QDB data systems AND access to the UCPath (Payroll/Personnel) data in QDB (PP QDB).
Note: When you request PP QDB access, you are granted permission to view only your own departmental or organizational information. If you need access to campus-wide UCPath (Payroll/Personnel) information, you must submit a SAR and indicate this on the description. Access to campus-wide PP QDB is rarely granted and requires special approval from our data partners. Please contact the IT Services Access Services Team at for more information.

You will need to contact the appropriate persons to show you how to run queries on their data.

Be sure to talk to other people in your area who already have QDB and use it regularly. They can be the most helpful source of information to you.

You also must be sure to contact your Computer Support Coordinator (CSC) or whoever maintains your workstation for you, so that they will be prepared to help you make the changes necessary to get your computer talking to the QDB.