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Getting Access to QDB

A QDB Logon ID provides access to administrative data that departments can use locally for reporting and analysis. There are two types of QDB Logon IDs: one is intended for individual access, and the other, called a QDB Application ID, is for departmental applications or tools that are developed to access the data.

To obtain a QDB Logon ID of either type, contact your Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) and ask them to fill out an online SAR (Systems Access Request) for you. This SAR form will then be directed to the Access Services team so they can create your QDB Logon ID. Please note that you must have an OASIS Logon ID before a QDB Logon ID can be created so be sure to tell your DSA if you don't yet have an OASIS ID so they can submit a request for that first and then follow up with the request for a QDB Logon ID.

All QDB Logon IDs are given access to FS (Financial System), PAC, BDG (Budget System), and R-Net data by default. If you require access to other QDB data such as UCPath, DACSS or BAR, you can request that your DSA add this access to your account once it has been created.