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The IT Support Center is responsible for handling technical support calls for all IT Services applications and systems, including QDB. When you call the IT Support Center for QDB support, please be sure to have the following information available:

  • Your logon ID (no passwords --you should never give your password to anyone!).
  • Your department.
  • If you are a CSC (Computer Support Coordinator), please identify yourself as such when you call.
  • The name of the application you are using to access QDB. Please keep in mind that QDB is not an application. The tool you use on your desktop may either be a commercial tool such as Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, or a custom application developed by your departmental programmers (for example, the School of Medicine has such tools written for Excel).
  • If you are calling about an error message you received, take a screen shot or write down the exact error message and have it ready.
  • If you are calling about a query problem, prepare to provide the exact SQL query text.

Call (310) 267-HELP (4357), or send an email to for general inquiries.