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Tableau Overview


Consolidating UCLA’s Tableau footprint by utilizing an enterprise Tableau instance serves as the foundational framework for the University’s data visualization needs. The enterprise Tableau servers create opportunities for a shared infrastructure environment which reduces university costs and allows for more collaborative community of UCLA's analytics teams across campus. The goals of this enterprise instance include:

  • Infrastructure SharingProvide Tableau as a service and liberate teams from setting up their own instance(s); allowing them to focus on building analytics benefiting the University
  • Community building: Establish a UCLA Tableau community by creating a network of Tableau developers, information sharing, and hosted webinars
  • Knowledge Sharing: Enable the flow of skills and techniques from units with more advanced Tableau analytic skills to data enthusiasts with beginner skills


Past Webinars

Visit or revisit past Tableau webinars co-hosted by Tableau representatives and the IT Services Enterprise and Data Analytics team and including UCLA Tableau enthusiasts. You'll find information about the webinars along with recordings and slide decks.


Helpful Tableau Links

Tableau Account Portal

Tableau Password Reset

Tableau Starter Kits

Tableau Training Videos

Dashboard Accelerators

Create Dashboard Layouts for Different Device Types

Visual Best Practices

Build Accessible Dashboards


Questions or Comments

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