UCLA ODS Subject Area Data Models

With UCPath, HR and payroll concepts are grouped into categories, called subject areas, that gather related data together based on usage and business process. The subject areas being introduced with UCPath are:

Subject Area Overview Central-Level Access
Data Model
Dept-Level Access
Data Model
Last Updated
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Absence Management
Data about any absence from an employee’s job.

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Data about employees and their dependent’s benefits elections as well as data about plan types and deductions.
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Budget Ledger
Data about employee budget including data about job, position and funding.
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Identity Management
Data that contains UC identifiers that enable access to external systems throughout UC and matches to UCLA’s UID system.
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Data about an employee’s position(s) with the university as well as attributes that describe the job itself.
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Job Profile Management
Data to track Person’s honors and awards, degrees, licenses and certifications.
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Labor Ledger
Data about payroll transactions at an employee level, including associated accounting unit, earnings and deductions.
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Lookup Subject Area
Lookup Tables
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Payroll and Commitment Accounting
Data about the pay process from a point prior to funding to actuals.
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Data that are unique to a person such as employee ID, name, citizenship attributes, etc.
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Data Dictionary and Data Mapping

UCLA ODS Data Dictionary
Last updated: 8/4/2019

UCLA ODS Data Mapping (all subject areas)
Last updated: 10/24/2016

Warning: In an effort to provide the most updated information, the ODS models are subject to change as the UC-wide model changes. Please check back frequently for updates.

For questions about UCLA ODS data models, contact support@qdb.ucla.edu for more information.