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When to use the Campus VPN

When do you need to use the campus VPN?

What is a VPN?

VPN is an acronym that stands for Virtual Private Network. Eligible users (registered students and employees) can connect to the UCLA Campus VPN.

When you are connected to the Campus VPN, you are assigned a UCLA network IP address and it will appear to other systems that you are communicating with their network from the UCLA network. This will enable you to access resources such as restricted UCLA Library journals/databases and other campus systems normally not accessible from off-campus devices/networks. The Campus VPN also provides extra security to your network connection as the data sent between your device and the UCLA network is encrypted. The VPN is especially useful when you're connecting to the internet from open networks, public networks, or untrusted networks, as it provides a secure connection between your device and the UCLA network.

Types of VPN

UCLA has both a campus VPN, managed by IT Services, and departmental VPNs, provided by individual departments for access to their department-specific resources. 

When should I use the campus VPN? 

Use the campus VPN when you're away from UCLA, and you need to: 

  • Remotely access resources that are restricted to on-campus IPs only:
    • Campus applications (Financial systems, etc.)
    • Databases
    • Websites
  • Create an encrypted tunnel between your wireless device and the VPN server
  • Library resources or online journals purchased by the UCLA Library system or UC Library system*

*Note: If you only need to access library resources, such as online journals and California Digital Library content from off-campus, please use the proxy server. 

When should I use a departmental VPN? 

Use a departmental VPN when you're away from UCLA, and you need to: 

  • Remotely access resources that are restricted to department IPs only:
    • Departmental servers (Please check with your local IT department before connecting to the Campus VPN, as local departments may also be running VPN services.)

Benefits of using the campus VPN

  • Gain access to restricted resources when you are away from UCLA, including departmental servers, databases and campus applications.
  • Have assurance that information transmitted between your computer and the UCLA network is secured through encryption.
  • Increase security when connecting to the internet through a public wireless network (such as in a coffee shop or an airport terminal) by using the IT Support Center's Cisco VPN client.

Who can use the Campus VPN?

Campus VPN access is restricted to registered students and university employees with an active staff/faculty appointment. You will be required to enroll in and authorize your login attempts using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to connect to the Campus VPN.

Specific instructions for connecting to the Campus VPN using various operating systems are in our knowledgebase.

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