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Oasis Logon ID

An OASIS Logon ID does not automatically include access to specific applications. See below for information on access to applications.

Setting Up Access to Applications

Functions define what actions you are permitted to perform in various applications. Some functions can be assigned by the Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) and are managed locally. Other functions are managed by IT Services or the central administrative units responsible for the application. Your DSA will need to submit a SAR to request any functions that are not controlled at the department level. In some cases, your local Computer Support Coordinator (CSC) may also need to install client software on your workstation in order for you to connect to certain applications once you have been granted access.

Changing access

Because access is linked to your department and your tasks there, if you are changing departments, all existing access must be deleted. Or, if your job has changed such that you no longer require access to certain functions, your access should be deleted. Contact your current DSA to delete your access. Contact your new DSA to re-establish access. Manage your password online at

Deleting access

If you are leaving the University, all existing access must be deleted. As part of the separation process, your DSA should delete your access.

Getting Started

In order for you to be granted an OASIS Logon ID, your DSA will prepare a System Access Request (SAR) using ServiceNow and submit it to IT Services Access Services.*

If an OASIS Logon ID is requested on your behalf, within 1-2 business days you will receive an email notification regarding online security training. Upon completion of the training, you will receive another email with next steps for activating your account. Once your OASIS Logon ID is activated, other permissions may be assigned by your department, Access Services, or other service providers.

*For UCLA, UCOP and UC Merced employees only. For vendor/contractors, DSAs should contact Access Services at