Introduction to CDW

The New UCLA Campus Data Warehouse (CDW) integrates campus data across multiple subject categories and maintains more historical data than ever, offering a free online tool for campus users. The data in the CDW expands upon the Query DataBase (QDB), adding many new elements, such as calculations and monthly balances data snapshots across all subject areas.

How Do You Access the Campus Data Warehouse?

It's easy! You can access the CDW through the Cognos online reporting tool at:  To logon, you will need to have a UCLA Logon ID and a QDB account.  Within Cognos, you can choose from a variety of canned reports by subject area or design your own ad-hoc queries to satisfy your specific reporting needs.

Subject Areas Currently Available in the Campus Data Warehouse

  • Personnel and Payroll (historical pre-UCPath data)
  • Finance
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable
  • Budget
  • Cashiering
  • RNET
  • UCPath