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zoom phone services and features

Local IT leaders and ITSPs are critical to program success because of their involvement in socializing and reinforcing key program messages within their areas and collecting data points that serve as requirements for a smooth migration. To find out more about roles and responsibilities, go to this deck.

Thank you for asking! You can help circulate any of our materials provided on our website. You can also help engage all levels of your campus unit leadership to increase visibility of the program and ensure user readiness and a smooth transition for your campus unit.

The Bruin Voice program has also developed a toolkit to assist with building program awareness and reinforcing key messages. If you do not have a link to this toolkit, please contact us at

Once the Zoom Phone implementation moved to steady state, the Bruin Voice Program will transition support needs and provide lessons learned to Support Center. If you have additional requests, please submit a Webcenter request, per standard procedure, by going to > Voice Services > Telephone Service > Request Consulting Appointment>Zoom Phone Requests. Please include the users name and official UCLA email address.

Please submit a Webcenter request if you have any additional Zoom Phone requests after your department has gone live, or after the Bruin Voice project has ended. You can email if you do not know who in your department has the ability to submit a Webcenter request.


To submit a Webcenter request go to > Voice Services > Telephone Service > Request Consulting Appointment > Zoom Phone Requests. In the Request Details box, please include the phone number, name, and official UCLA email address of the user.


How Zoom supports legal requirements

Yes, Zoom and subsequently Zoom Phone is compliant within UC policy for accessibility, security and privacy under the UC Zoom Agreement. For more information on the UC Zoom Agreement, visit here.
By default, the Zoom platform announces when recording has been enabled on audio, which includes Zoom Phone. There is also a verbal announcement when turning on voice transcription on a Zoom Phone call.
Under UCLA Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) advisement and UC compliance standards, Zoom Phone utilizes the appropriate security protocols to be PCI Compliant. To increase security, call recording and forwarding to external numbers is not available for campus units that take payment over the phone. For more information on security see Zoom Compliance and Security.
Any Zoom user, including students, are able to add their phone number in Zoom voluntarily, even if they do not have Zoom Phone. For reference, telephone numbers are considered directory information under FERPA at UCLA.


View the Zoom Phone International Rates for landline and mobile rates by country.

You can request unlimited international dialing for $4.75/month, but it only covers a few select countries:
•    North America: US, Canada & Puerto Rico
•    Europe: UK, Ireland, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland
•    APAC: Australia & New Zealand

One of the reasons the campus decided to proceed is that it is expected to cost less overall. Long-term, the cost to replace physical equipment is ~30% the current cost for recommended models and we will see a reduction in administrative overhead, due to the decreased number of systems being supported.

Campus units are still responsible for current monthly rates for phone lines, which is currently $16.09/month. 

COSTS Responsibility of
Processing/Service Provisioning Project, during migration
E-Waste Project, during migration
Disconnecting Lines Project, during migration
Emergency Lines stripped of business functionality Project, during migration
Physical Devices Campus units


New Hires, Transfers, Personnel Changes

... and what they need to do for Zoom Phone.

If you wish to keep the Zoom phone number to reassign to another user, you can request through a Web Center order by going to > Voice Services > Telephone Service > Request Consulting Appointment. Please include the users name and official UCLA email address. If you would like to use a phone number that is already in use, please indicate this as well.

Please submit a Webcenter request to either disconnect the line for the employee who left or transfer the line to the new department. The navigation path is: > Voice Services > Telephone Service > Request Consulting Appointment. Please include the users name and official UCLA email address.

Once the Bruin Voice project ends and goes into steady state, new hires will have Zoom Phone upon hire. They can only share lines with other users that have Zoom Phone.

It will take 1-2 days for a new Zoom user to obtain a Zoom license. Once the user has logged into Zoom, you can request a Zoom Phone which takes an additional 3-5 business days.

Network and Connectivity

Please see the networking requirementshere.

Apple is still looking into issues with M1/M2 wireless connectivity issue. Please use this link to IT Services Status page for intermittent connectivity issues and workarounds.

Please refer to this quick guide for network requirements. 

Native IPv6 is the internet protocol to support physical phones.

Phone Numbers & Lines

Specific questions about phone numbers.

Existing campus phone numbers will be retained and transferred onto Zoom Phone. In some rare cases, an existing phone number cannot be transferred. In this case, we will work with you to assign a new campus phone number.


Physical Phones lines are currently being migrated. All departments should have either submitted their workbooks or in the process of working on their workbooks, depending on wave. This effort will include users connected to shared lines on physical phones.

The first group of lines were disconnected at the end of 2023. The rest of the lines will be disconnected by the end of the Bruin Voice project.