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What is Bruin Voice?

Bruin Voice is the transformation of voice services from legacy SL-100 analog technology to a modern campus telecommunication platform that enables full-service collaboration across UCLA. Zoom Phone has been selected as the new softphone service provider to accommodate new communication needs and improve continuity of operations, mobility, cost, and functionality. This transition impacts both faculty and staff.

Why Bruin Voice?

Hybrid Needs

Support remote, hybrid, and mobile work environments

Campus Feedback

Cisco Jabber is nearing the end of its product lifecycle and has not been well-received by the campus in terms of usability


  • Zoom is widely deployed across UCLA and actively used by those most in need of a softphone solution
  • Zoom Phone is a robust and cost-effective solution that can be readily added to the Zoom environment UCLA is already using daily
  • A single, well-received platform to meet both video conferencing and telephony needs

Case for Change

Telephony Infrastructure 

Disparate platforms with high administrative overhead and significantly limited options for modern communications delivery (automation, integrations, reporting for informed decisions and management). 

Customer Experience 

UCLA is at risk of not being able to provide a softphone service option to voice services customers if Zoom Phone is not adopted as UCLA’s softphone service.


Investments in on-premise telephony solutions are very long lived and often fall behind in their ability to keep pace with advancements in user expectations. Moving to a cloud-based solution enables UCLA to innovate faster.


Use Cases

Use Case Definition


Use Case Matrix