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Poly Edge E Physical Phone Resources 

To get started with your physical phone, please review the following resources:

Poly Edge E Series Phone Quick Tips Guide Learn tips to manage phone calls, navigate the Home screen, and set up speed dial.
Manage Voicemail
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Learn to set up and manage your voicemail messages for your physical phone.
Poly Edge E Series Bluetooth Guide for Poly E 220/320/550 models Learn to pair and connect a device, such as a Bluetooth headset, or access and sync contacts from a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.


If you would like to learn more about your physical phone and its functions, the following resources are also available:

Poly Edge E Series Interactive User Guide
The left toolbar allows users to expand topics and drill into subtopics.

Go in-depth about specific features, such as how to enable Wi-Fi, answer calls when you are part of a shared line, manage favorites lists, and more.