Announcement: UCLA Telephone Directory Changes

Note: The message below refers to CTS, which is now IT Services (formerly AIS and CTS).

Dear Colleagues:

As with all UCLA Departments, UCLA Communications Technology Services (CTS) and the UCOP Department of Information Resources and Communications (IR&C) are striving to meet the challenge of recent budgetary constraints, while maintaining our commitment to quality of service for the University community. This memorandum is to update you on recent changes related to the 2003/04 UC and UCLA Telephone Directories.

UC System-wide Telephone Directory Changes

At a recent meeting of the Council of Vice Chancellors-Administration, it was announced that UCOP's Department of Information Resources and Communications (IR&C) will cease printing the publication of the "traditional" UC system-wide telephone directory. Going forward, IR&C will be printing a limited number (approximately 3,000 systemwide) of a much smaller directory for the 2003/04 publication. The new directory will contain only institutional and campus administrative listings, which formerly comprised the front portion of the old directory. There will be no individual listings in the new system-wide directory.

The new UC system-wide directories are due to be delivered in December 2003. If you would like a copy of the limited system-wide directory when it becomes available, please send an email to CTS Directory Services.

UCLA Telephone Directory Changes

Following UCOP's lead, CTS will discontinue printing and distributing complimentary copies of the UCLA Telephone Directory beginning with the 2003/04 publication. The online UCLA Campus Directory makes the same information available in a more convenient, searchable, and updated form, in addition to providing a more ecologically sensitive alternative.

Ordering Copies of the UCLA Telephone Directory

As an option for those customers who would still like to obtain copies of the paper Directory, they will be available by order at a cost of $5.00 per copy and may be recharged to your departmental account by contacting UCLA Mail, Document and Distribution Services (MDDS).

The paper copies of the 2003/04 UCLA Telephone Directories will be available for distribution in January 2004. You can order a directory at any time through UCLA Mail, Document and Distribution Services (MDDS) and you will receive your order when the directories become available in January. You can place your order online at the main MDDS website. If you have any questions or would prefer to have an order form faxed to you, you may call extension 46371 for assistance.

Availability of Online Directories

With the availability and ease of use of the online UCLA Campus Directory, you can readily obtain all of the same contact information that is available in the hardcopy directory. The online directory is updated regularly throughout the year and is, therefore, more accurate than the static, paper directory.


Gwendolyn McCurry
Associate Director, Planning Services
UCLA Communications Technology Services

IT Services Directory Services
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