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Want to boost your role in the fight against COVID-19? Join CA COVID Notify!

UCLA is piloting CA COVID Notify, a new exposure notification system.

Hello, everyone:

As you may (or may not!) have heard, UCLA is piloting CA COVID Notify, a new exposure notification system from Google and Apple that can quickly notify you if you have likely been exposed to COVID-19 so you seek medical attention sooner and reduce risk of exposing your friends, family and the Bruin community. 

This pilot is open to all UCLA students, staff and faculty. We encourage you and all members of the UCLA community to participate by activating the system on your mobile device, especially if you are coming to campus or are in close contact with others who are coming to campus.  Members of the UCLA community who choose to share their positive tests using CA COVID 

Notify during the pilot period must have had their tests conducted at a UCLA-based testing center. For those who are entirely remote, but within California, and do not get tested at a UCLA-based testing center, participating in this system is still of benefit as you will still receive a notification if you were potentially exposed to another participant who tested positive. 

Participation in CA COVID Notify is voluntary. Opt in now (or later), and you can opt out at any time. However, you are strongly encouraged to participate as the effectiveness of the app depends on broad community use. Our collective efforts and the success of this program can help protect our Bruin community — and may eventually help all of California slow the spread of COVID-19. Learn more about how it works by watching this short video.

For more information, see this recent announcement from the UCLA Newsroom. In addition, more information about CA COVID Notify is available from the state of California website.

Ready to join your fellow Bruins on CA COVID Notify?

Click here and follow the instructions to add CA COVID Notify to your iOS or Android device.

For any technical issues activating or downloading the app, please contact IT Services Support Center at (310) 267-HELP (4357) or

Your privacy matters

CA COVID Notify uses a privacy-first approach. Users may decide whether they want to share a verified positive test result in the CA COVID Notify system to alert others who may have come into contact with them. Location information is never collected, and user identities are strictly confidential. Neither Apple nor Google has access to this personal information. Learn more about how your privacy is protected

We urge you to consider adding CA COVID Notify to your smartphone today to increase the likelihood of quick notification of a possible exposure and help keep your family, friends and our community safer. 

As Bruins, we are at our best when we are helping one another and giving back to our community in meaningful ways. Using CA COVID Notify is just one way to show we care.