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Clean Up Your Social Media For a Job Search

Learn the importance of prepping your social media profiles for job interviews

You've polished your resume and cover letters and practiced your interview skills. But have you also done a social media self-check?

According to the UCLA Career Center, part of your job search strategy should include taking an inventory of your social media profiles. As more employers are looking at candidates' social media profiles when evaluating them, the Career Center includes social media as part of their "checklist" for an effective job search. 

Here are some of the UCLA Career Center social media do's and don'ts


  • Take inventory of your current social media use. Keep all profiles up-to-date and delete anything that is questionable.
  • Be consistent. Make sure all of your social media accounts show the same job and education history.
  • Use social media to expand your network and to show interest in the field you are entering by sharing articles and actively participating in discussions.
  • Create or enhance your existing Linkedin account. Check out LinkedIn for Students for resources.
  • Join and participate in Linkedin groups related to your career interests. Initiate and participate in discussions. 
  • Follow companies in your industry in order to learn more and show your interest.
  • Use your social media to connect with people who can refer you to the jobs that you desire. 
  • Express your interest in a new position and ask for help. If you have an interview lined up, get insightful information about the company from an insider.


  • Post anything you will regret later. There is a chance it may be seen by prospective employers, a colleague or colleagues, a former boss, etc. Think twice before posting questionable photos, potentially offensive comments, or criticisms against current or former employers.
  • Use poor grammar or spelling in your profile or when sending a message to contacts.
  • Be passive. It is called social media for a reason. Show your passion and interests by engaging with other users, professional groups, or brands.
  • Wear inappropriate clothing in profile photos. You don’t have to wear a three-piece suit in your photos, however, a business casual outfit is recommended.
  • Assume your information is private. Check your privacy settings for all platforms. 
  • Spend too much time on social media. As you take control of your online persona, go out and live it!

Additional Steps You Can Take to Clean up Your Social Media Profiles

  • Spring clean your social media accounts. Check what you have posted in the past and what is and isn't visible. Sites like Facebook, for example, have tools that can help you quickly check what the public (and therefore a hiring manager) can see when they find your profile. 
  • Practice safe social networking. What you post online can stay on the internet for a very long time. We provide suggestions for safe social media networking, including how to understand and use privacy settings, hashtags, and google alerts.
  • Follow our Social Media Security Guide. Exercise good judgement. Don’t input, store, or post personal or sensitive information on social media platforms.

Remember, when applying for jobs, just a few simple steps can help you clean up your social media and present your best complete package.

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