CTS and AIS Merged to Form Information Technology Services

To increase administrative efficiency and better align our departments with UCLA’s IT Strategic Plan, Communications Technology Services (CTS) merged with Administrative Information Systems (AIS) in February, 2011, to form Information Technology Services. Over the next few months, and under the direction of Associate Vice Chancellor Andrew Wissmiller, we will be transitioning our online and print materials to reflect this new identity.

Please be assured that our products and services will remain the same, and that you will still be able to order them through our Web Center. Our customer service and repair telephone numbers also will not change.

We’d like to share with you Administrative Vice Chancellor Sam Morabito’s vision for this re-organization, which he outlined in a memo to all campus deans and directors earlier this year:

“In the current economic environment, with budget cuts anticipated, operating all administrative units in the most cost effective manner is imperative. Toward that end, I want to advise you that the departments of Administrative Information Systems (AIS) and Communication Technology Services (CTS) have been merged to form a new campus information technology organization under the leadership of Associate Vice Chancellor Andrew Wissmiller. The name of this merged unit, which is effective as of February 1, 2011 is "Information Technology Services". This organizational change is consistent with the overall direction of the UCLA IT Strategic Plan as well as current campus and UC initiatives to maximize use of our available resources in a difficult economy.

The new organization will enhance our ability to plan campus infrastructure, expand the breadth of services offered and, most importantly, increase our capacity to meet the rapidly growing demand for coordinated IT infrastructure, quality services and well-executed initiatives. The new organization will be responsible for the current scope of AIS (business and student applications, campus data warehouse, middleware, technical services and data center operations) and CTS (voice, video and data network infrastructure and services). Over the next few months, Andrew will be working with the management and staff of the two organizations, as well as with campus clients, to develop a longer term plan for how we may best leverage synergies between the two departments.

I am confident that this combined organization will enable the campus to realize growth in the breadth, value and quality of IT services while improving the operational performance of both units such that they remain a premier university IT organization.

I know you will support Andrew and the AIS and CTS management groups as they work to establish a refined and consolidated organization that will be well positioned to meet the IT needs of the campus in the future.”

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Email: help@it.ucla.edu | Phone: (310) 825-3775