IT Services Announces UCLA Mobile Program

Good news for departments that juggle a variety of mobile services, devices, vendors, and invoices: The UCLA Mobile Program can help.

Administered by IT Services, the Mobile Program makes procuring and billing for mobile services much easier—it offers consolidated invoices, pooled minutes that eliminate overage charges, and a “campus concierge” who works directly with vendors so you can spend time on other tasks.

Mobile vendors currently include AT&T and Verizon. Rates for services and equipment are similar to vendor rates or, in many cases, discounted.

Benefits to Using the UCLA Mobile Program

  • Single Point of Contact: Instead of talking to various carrier representatives for assistance, simply contact IT Services with your mobile needs. You’ll receive personalized customer service and expedited turnaround times.
  • Streamlined Operations: The program eliminates internal paperwork and reduces the amount of bills processed by Accounts Payable.
  • Plan Optimization: Customers are enrolled in pooling plans that leverage minutes across all accounts, reducing overall costs and eliminating overages and late fees.
  • Invoice Monitoring: Bills are audited monthly for erroneous charges and missing discounts and to ensure lowest mobile costs.
  • Consolidated and Itemized Billing: All costs for mobile services are billed via recharge to an FAU, and itemized detail is included on the IT Services Web-based Bill.

Customers from nearly 150 campus departments already use the UCLA Mobile Program. Encourage your department to join them and take advantage of the program’s time- and cost-saving opportunities. You can find instructions on ordering services and equipment at

June 9, 2015