IT Services to Update “eduroam” Network’s Permissions

In June, IT Services will be updating permissions for the ‘eduroam’ wireless network.

This update will require students, staff and faculty to include “” in their logon credentials, which previously was not necessary for users on the main UCLA campus because of a legacy feature.

Once this update is made, login requirements will be consistent on all campus ‘eduroam’ domains—north campus, main campus, and the Medical Center—and users will be able to move across campus while retaining a continuous wireless connection. They can also visit other ‘eduroam’ participating wireless providers.

Please take a moment to review your logon credentials for your ‘eduroam’ wireless connection (on all of your mobile devices) and make sure that the “” is included in your username. You can find instructions at

You are also welcome to contact the IT Support Center with any questions: (310) 267-4357 or

Thank you for your cooperation.