New EDUCAUSE Report Available Online

EDUCAUSE has published some interesting new reports on the "BYOD" trend in higher education IT. Find them online.

EDUCAUSE has published some new reports and tables on the "bring your own device" (BYOD) trend and the consumeration of IT in higher education. You can find everything on their website. An excerpt:

"We are living in an era when affordable, easy-to-use, and readily accessible technologies facilitate a bring-your-own-everything (BYOE*) standard. With the “consumerization of technology,” students, faculty, and staff bring their own devices, software, apps, and cloud-based technology. These personal computing environments raise concerns about IT infrastructure, planning and governance, security practices, support strategies, teaching and learning, and fiscal implications.

ECAR conducted interviews, focus groups, and a survey to provide insight into the scope of BYOE and the institutional culture surrounding BYO practices. This report identifies and addresses the most important BYOE IT issues affecting higher education and includes recommendations for exemplary practices to manage BYOE IT issues.

*While BYOD is the current popular term, we use BYOE to emphasize that this topic is not just about devices, or services, or even technology. BYOE illustrates the exploration of the bring-your-own-personal-computing-environment culture and all the devices, services, and technologies—as well as the assumptions and expectations—that come with it."