Box Support

IT Support Center: Contact us at or by phone at (310) 267-4357 if you need help logging into your account or are experiencing issues related to your account. There is also a list of Box FAQs that addresses the standard questions surrounding Box.

Box Admin: Email the UCLA for questions regarding UCLA departmental accounts.

Box Community: You can explore the Box Community pages for answers to common questions surrounding Box. If you need specific help with an issue, you can contact Box Support for any questions you may have about accounts, errors, or functionality. You will need to log in with your UCLA Box credentials and then open a support ticket. Please see Box Help for more information.

Departmental Box Support Contacts

For faculty and staff who are interested in accessing or creating departmental folders, please see if your department is listed on the Departments Using Box page. Contact the main IT administrator to inquire about how you can access the departmental account.

If your department is not listed, please contact your head IT person to see if there is an existing departmental Box account or if one can be provisioned.