Query Studio Example

Using Query Studio

  • In Cognos, you begin by following the Query Studio link in the top right-hand corner of the browser and select Finance from the menu.
  • When Query Studio loads, the General Ledger model will appear in the left navigation pane and a blank report will appear on the right.
  • Expand the tree structure using the "+" icons to view individual FS tables and fields.  For those of you who are familiar with FS data, the tables will appear a little different to you.  Fear not! A few minutes of familiarizing yourself with the new tables will reveal a few important details: 1) No more cryptic names: all of the FS names are clearly spelled out in plain English. 2) No more musical modeling: there is only one model for both history and current.  Just be sure to add a date like "Ledger Year Month" to your query, just like you would in the history tables. 3) Screen Tips: Hover over a field name to see a description straight of what the item is.
  • Then, simply drag and drop data elements into your report.
  • When you are ready to narrow down your query, click on the data item you would like to use, right click and choose filter.
  • Once you are ready to run your report, click the run button up top (it looks like a "play" button) and see what happens, you may just notice, your queries are running quite a bit faster.
  • Finally, if you would like to see your report in Excel, PDF or CSV format, use the "Run Report" menu in the left navigation pane to choose which format you would like to use.

A Few Basics for Getting Started in Cognos

  • Each Cognos user has an area where they can store their own reports called "My Folders".  My Folders belongs to the individual that is logged in and can be used to save your own personalized reports.  You access this area by clicking the "My folders" tab at the top of the home screen you see when you first log in.  You can save and organize your reports by creating individual folders.
  • There are a few places on the Cognos portal to help you get started querying.  We recommend that users take advantage of the Computer Based Training to get familiar with Cognos (see the CBT link in the upper right corner of the portal).  In additional to basic information about the look and feel of Cognos, the "Let Me Try" buttons feature interactive report training featuring UCLA's Financial model.  The Minimum Requirements link in the upper right-hand corner of the portal takes you to some basic information such as browser compatibility, etc.
  • The Campus Data Warehouse is a highly secured environment, so if your network has a firewall, it may be necessary for your administrator to make minor changes for you to reach the Cognos server.  Please contact us if you are experiencing difficulties and we will be happy to work with your CSC.
  • One of the features many users will likely be using, is the ability to view your reports in Excel.  Due to the excellent security on campus, many departments actively secure downloading to Excel from the web.  Please see the Downloading Excel section in Helpful Hints or contact us if you are having trouble viewing reports in Excel.

If you have any questions please contact the Campus Data Warehouse Team at support@qdb.ucla.edu and we will be happy to help!