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Box Experiencing Temporary Outage

Some Users May Experience Issues Accessing Box

Update at 2:32 PDT: Box's services have now been restored following today's widespread accessibility issues. For more information on today's event, please visit: Box Services Restored

A widespread internet Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack resulted in the degradation of a number of internet services, such as Twitter, Netflix, Paypal, Amazon Web Services and Box, including UCLA's Box instance. The attack originated on DYN, an upstream DNS provider, and has since spread to other services as well, resulting in an unprecedented scale of performance degradation across the web. 

Box's engineering, networking, and operations teams have been working nonstop to resume accessibility to Box by changing DNS and other network providers. This process is still ongoing, but Box expects services to resume shortly. Please note that there is no impact to users data.

For more information: