Zoom: A Leader in Accessibility

Did you know that Zoom is one of the most accessible conferencing applications available? It's easy to use, and in most cases, free.

Zoom is UCLA's choice for audio/video conferencing services. The University negotiated a system-wide contract to provide its employees with a free basic license, and in some cases, a significantly discounted pro license. 

In addition to being feature-rich and easy to use, Zoom is one of the most accessible audio/video conferencing services available. This article from the UC IT blog discusses the UC System's quest in early 2016 to find a conferencing service that was as accessible as possible for everyone. 

Author Lucy Greg, web accessibility "evangelist" at UC Berkeley, describes the RFP process:

"Because UC’s commitment to accessibility is strong, UC required that Zoom improve its general accessibility for our users. For example, one of the initial accessibility problems with Zoom was users could not access all of the controls via a keyboard. This was not news to Zoom, as other universities interested in purchasing the product have the same requirements.

Zoom responded and within the past few months, people in the accessibility community have been noting improvements to the Zoom interface. It is now considered to be the top video conferencing and recording solution for screen reader users."

Read more about Zoom's capabilities on the UC IT Blog and the Zoom at UCLA web page.