Zoom update 5.0.0 — required update by May 30

Update your Zoom desktop client by May 30

One of the new enhancements in the latest version of Zoom, version 5.0.0, requires all users to update their desktop client by May 30. I encourage all UCLA users to review Zoom’s summary of the latest updates, as well as UCLA’s latest guidance for using Zoom, and to update your desktop client today.

Simple instructions for checking whether you have the latest version and easily updating your software can be found in Step 2 on our Zoom Security Settings information page.

If you encounter any issues, please email the IT Support Center at help@it.ucla.edu. Faculty and staff can also contact their department's local IT team, and students can contact help@it.ucla.edu or 310-267-4357 (7HELP).


David Shaw
UCLA Chief Information Security Officer

Related Information

If you are experiencing issues with manually updating your Zoom desktop client and are receiving an "Auto Update Disabled" error, you can follow one of the steps below to update or request assistance updating to the latest version of Zoom.

  • Recommended:  Download the latest version of Zoom Client for Meetings and install it over your existing software (this will update to the latest version, but will not resolve the “Auto Update Disabled” error).
    • If your device is managed by your local IT department, you may contact your department’s local IT team for assistance.
    • If your device is managed by UCLA Health IT, please submit a ticket to have a technician update Zoom for UCLA Health for you.
  • Contact the IT Support Center at help@it.ucla.edu or (310) 267-4357 (HELP) for general assistance and referrals to experts.

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