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Box Product Update: New Preview Experience

Find out about Box's new preview experience that is coming soon.

Box has announced that they are rolling out an updated preview experience to the Box Web Application. The following enhancements will improve your workflow and collaboration experience in Box:

  • Streamlined user interface
  • Support for new file types
  • Quicker loading times

What Has Changed?

1. The header in preview will be updated to simplify the number of actions available:
a. The primary action available in the header will include Edit, Share, and Download.
b. Lock, upload new version and favorite are available from the overflow menu; metadata is available in the Info tab of the sidebar. Move, copy, and delete were removed from preview to encourage use of these file operations from the files page.
c. Print is available (for file types that support print) in the action bar on hover.

2. The sidebar will include an activity tab that shows the version history, comments, and tasks associated with the file, and an info tab that shows file description and metadata.

3. The action bar is still available on hover, and will now include content-type specific actions (such as print, rotate, next/previous slide, play/pause, volume control).

4. File metadata such as file name, description, modification date, and metadata templates are available and can be edited from the info tab of the side bar.

5. Navigating between files within the parent folder from preview is available upon hover over the content section.

6. The side bar can be opened and closed using the right-most icon in the header.

Feature Flips: Experience the New Interface

Use the feature flip links below to see the new, improved preview in action. Feature flips allow you to use a new feature, or revert back to the current experience before the change goes live. To try this out:

When Is the New Box Preview Rolling Out?

UCLA Enterprise end users will start to receive the updated experience in mid-April (planned date is 4/14 but subject to change). The rollout will take one to two weeks for all users to receive it.