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Cognos Has Been Upgraded

The Data Warehouse team has upgraded Cognos to the newest version!

In order to take advantage of all the exciting new features and to allow us to provide future enhancements, the Data Warehouse team has upgraded Cognos to the newest version!

Cognos Analytics 11 provides a streamlined and more intuitive user interface than previous versions. It includes the following upgraded features:

Uses a series of sliding panels instead of tabs and folders

  • User experience is the same on all devices
  • More intuitive and interactive

New Smart Search

  • Fully indexed resulting in quicker results
    • Similar to Google search, returns results as you type
    • No wildcards are needed
  • Searches can be saved for future use
  • Search results can be filtered by content type (reports, dashboards, folders, etc.) and by date

Displays Recently Used Files

Personalization Opportunities

  • Set home page

Browser Choices

  • You can now use any browser, with the exception of Microsoft Edge, for most Cognos Analytics functions (however, to run Query Studio you still must use Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox)

You will continue to access Cognos by the same URL and log in with your UCLA logon. Since the interface is quite different from previous versions, we have made navigation documentation available as well as a new Cognos eCourse to get you started. Please note that if you’ve completed the previous eCourse, you will need to click “Register Again” and then click the “Add” button next to "Up and Running with Cognos Query Studio v10+ - Existing Users" on the following page before being able to take the new course.

If you have any questions, please contact