Query Studio Workshops – Additional Dates!

Is your schedule tight? Now more dates for the Query Studio workshop!

We are pleased to announce that Cognos Query Studio workshops will be conducted on a more frequent basis. The Query Studio Workshop will occur on average twice a month, providing users with greater flexibility in finding a workshop that meets their scheduling needs.

In this instructor-led workshop, the many features and capabilities of Cognos Query Studio are introduced, from the basics of creating and saving a report to more advanced features such as crosstab reports, custom groupings, summarizations, and calculations.

Topics include filtering the data to fit your exact reporting needs as well as some of the formatting and style options available in Query Studio to make your report look exactly as you need it. Additional topics include flexible report scheduling and output delivery options offered in Query Studio. We’ll demonstrate how you can have that report, in the output format of your preference, when you need it.

These are just some of the features provided by Cognos Query Studio. Check the Enterprise Data Warehouse website for workshop dates and email QDB Support to reserve your spot.