UCPath CDW Reporting Workshop Highlights

Learn what you can do to prepare for the changes UCPath will bring this year.

UCPath, the largest administrative project in UC history, is coming to UCLA at the end of 2017. The UCPath Campus Data Warehouse (CDW) Reporting Workshops in February helped prepare nearly 400 customers for the many changes UCPath will bring. These changes will have an across-the-board impact on campus, in business processes, terminology, the way in which data is administered, and how it is accessed.

For those who were not able to attend the workshop, we’ve made the slides available on Box. Just a few of the changes to expect:

  • Terminology such as “appointments” and “distributions” will be known as “jobs” and “funding.”
  • The Payroll Expense Distribution Report will be known as the Distribution of Payroll Expense (DOPE) Report.
  • Approvals will no longer be made post audit via PAN.
  • Appointments and distributions will no longer be connected actions.
  • Data availability for payroll will be accessible in one or two business days instead of at the end of each month.
  • Many of the manual business processes, such as FMLA tracking, will be automated. 

At UCPath "Go-Live", which is estimated to be in December, QDB PP data will be frozen and no longer updated. The primary source for UCPath payroll data will be through Cognos Query Studio.

How Will This Affect Reports and Queries?
What this means to all of us using the current QDB PP data is that existing QDB queries and Cognos reports need to be remediated to use the new UCPath data. The EDW team can help you with this process. Please let us know which reports and queries you use, so that we can include them in our preparation efforts this year.

The EDW Team has already done the "heavy lifting" to ready the UCPath data for our campus reporting needs. By reducing 260+ complex data tables down to nine optimized "Subject Areas," the team has eliminated any need for customers to master the multitude of complex data relationships contained in the UCPath data.

The team has also developed prompt-driven canned reports for many of the commonly used reports and data.

How Can You Prepare?
There's plenty that you can and should do to prepare for UCPath:

  • Every QDB user has automatic access to Cognos Query Studio. Check it out, play with it, and create some reports to see what it does. If you aren't already a user of Cognos Query Studio, become familiar with it by taking the new eCourse available on the LMS site, or by attending one of the scheduled instructor-led Query Studio Basics Workshops.
  • If you're already a Query Studio user, take an inventory of your "My Folder" reports. If you're a user of the QDB data, inventory the queries you use. Then, submit your reports and queries to us as we continue our remediation efforts and the development of shared, commonly used reports.
  • Take a look at the workshop slides and contact us if you have any questions.

We're all in this together, and we can be ready for UCPath when it arrives.  Let’s make “business as usual” our goal.