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Cognos Reporting Replacing Query Studio

With the upcoming deprecation of Internet Explorer in August, 2021, Cognos Query Studio is reaching its end-of-life. Fortunately, there's another feature in Cognos that you can use for ad-hoc report building called simply Cognos Reporting.

Cognos Reporting is far more robust than Query Studio and allows for a far greater degree of complexity in its output. With that complexity comes a bit of a learning curve. So, even though we will not be turning off Query Studio until August, 2021, we highly recommend that you start getting acquainted with this feature as soon as possible.

To help you get started, we have written a user manual and are offering a new Up and Running with Cognos Reports eCourse. Both of these guides will show you how to build a report from scratch as well as how to convert your old Query Studio reports into Cognos Reporting reports.

Please contact the QDB Support Team at if you have any questions

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