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Google Workspace Service Adjustments is UCLA’s initiative to optimize how we store data in Google by improving security, controls, and how we manage accounts to ensure adequate storage for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and retirees.

New strategies will improve how and where we store our digital assets and maximize resources. As we move towards these goals together, UCLA IT Services (ITS) will provide the information and support to navigate this change. This site is a guide to provide awareness, understanding, and support for a positive customer experience.

What Is Changing

The storage landscape is changing at UCLA. 

In February 2021, Google announced a new model for Google Workspace for Education (GWE) and an end to unlimited storage effective July 2022. However, due to a two-year extension and strategic negotiations, UCLA, along with several other UCs, has deferred the transition of its GWE service. As a result, the implementation of these new storage policies for the UCLA campus is now scheduled for November 1, 2024. 

UCLA’s current storage significantly exceeds the new model’s limits, and as a result, UCLA will need to reduce its Google Workspace storage to ensure uninterrupted service and cost-effectiveness. An option for those who require additional storage and are eligible will be provided prior to the implementation of targeted baseline quotas, planned for Spring 2024.

Google Workspace for Education storage is comprised of any data in UCLA Personal Drives, Gmail and Photos, and Shared Accounts for all affiliate groups using the UCLA campus environment. Because Google treats individual storage in My Drives and Shared Drive collaborative spaces separately, these drives may be subject to different UCLA storage limits.