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Google Workspace Timeline


example google storage timeline scenario


Contain (December 15, 2023)​

  • A staff member had 42.2 GB of usage. Their temporary containment ceiling was therefore set at 50 GB. They began to receive alerts because their storage exceeds 80%+ capacity.​

Reduce (June 27, 2024)

  • Knowing they were likely going to be over their Permanent Baseline Quota, they:​
    • Reduced their storage: They removed and/or transferred emails, photos and files to an alternate storage solution until their storage was under 20 GB. They will not experience a disruption. ​
    • Did not reduce their storage: They are not able to create new documents or perform activities that add to storage consumption (e.g., upload files) until they reduce to under 20 GB. Note that a one year extension was granted to faculty.​

Campus Compliance Deadline (November 1, 2024)​

  • At time of campus compliance deadline, if their storage remains over Permanent Baseline Quota, the account may now be at risk for more severe consequence and/or disruption.​
  • Goal: slow storage growth ​
  • On December 15, 2023, containment ceilings (temporary storage limits) began.​
  • For current faculty, staff and students, a containment ceiling was applied to all UCLA Google accounts — inclusive of Personal Drives, Gmail and Photos, and Shared Accounts — based on current usage.​
  • Containment ceilings were set above current usage, meaning there was no immediate impact to storage for the majority of accounts. However, it was important for current faculty, staff and students to be aware of this new ceiling. ​
  • Capacity warnings were set for existing Personal and Shared Drives campuswide.​
  • A new Shared Drive Approval Process was introduced. To make a request, fill out the Google Shared Drive Request form (link is external)

What you should do during this phase:

IMPORTANT: Prepare now for permanent baseline quota enforcement on June 27, 2024, to avoid service disruption.
  • Goal: Reduce Google Workspace storage to under Permanent Baseline Quotas​
  • Permanent Baseline Quotas will be implemented on all UCLA related Google personal accounts and shared drives starting June 27, 2024. Alumni, retirees, and non-affiliates will have a 5GB quota, with access only to the Mail service.​
  • The Google Drive application will be disabled as a service for all account holders with a primary alumni or retiree affiliation on June 27, 2024. All stored content must be removed prior to drive disablement. All content not removed will be permanently deleted. ​
  • A temporary one-year extension is available until June 2025 for research-related personal drive data storage for academic deans, faculty, emeriti on recall, non-faculty, postdocs, and medical residents set at slightly above current usage. Academic Students supporting research will have an extension for one term. While the extension is underway, members of these groups are asked to continue to reduce their storage use. ​
  • Note that exceeding your quota will impact your ability to create new documents or perform any activity that adds to your storage consumption. However, you will still be able to send/receive UCLA Gmail and download files.
  • By November 1, 2024, ensure campus readiness and compliance to permanent quotas. Implement new service model.

Future Vs. Past Milestones


  • Partnership with university, affiliation, department and unit leadership to understand their storage needs and use cases continues.

Spring 2024 - Onward

  • Monthly reminders for over-quota accounts scheduled to begin in April 2024.​
  • Storage purchase offerings available.​
  • Alumni service changes implemented.

June 27, 2024

  • Permanent Baseline Quotas implemented.

November 1, 2024

  • Ensure campus readiness and compliance to Permanent Baseline Quotas.​
  • Service disruptions enforced for accounts over their Permanent Baseline Quotas.



  • UCLA and several other UCs deferred the transition of its GWE service. As a result, the implementation of these new storage policies for the UCLA campus was scheduled for November 1, 2024.

Winter 2023

  • Containment ceilings enforced on December 15, 2023.
  • Approval-based Shared Drive process began.

February 2024

  • Permanent Baseline Quotas announced.