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Google Workspace Advisory Committee

The Google Workspace Advisory Committee will help guide the implementation of new and updated policies and principles related to UCLA’s Google Workspace for Education environment in response to a mandate to reduce our Google Storage data consumption.

This mandate by Google indicates that storage usage will need to be within newly licensed allotments by November 1, 2024, or the University will need to license for all additional space used beyond the allotment.

Ibraheem Ali
Program Manager, Research Informatics
Cody Ashe-McNalley
Information Systems Supervisor
Brandie Barrera
Senior Director Alumni Affairs
Ernesto Carrasco
Director, Governance, Risk, & Compliance
Ayesha Dixon
Director of Emeriti/Retiree Relations Center
Nidia Goitia
CAO/CFO in Campus Human Resources
Todd Grappone
Associate University Librarian
Heath Hewitt
IT Director, UCLA SEIS
Joseph Luk
Software Engineer
Ying Ma
CIO External Affairs
Dave Margolis
Director and CITO, Life Sciences Administration Computing
Arun Pasricha
CIO Student Affairs
Ace Selters
Lisa Snyder
Director, Campus Research Initiatives
Kent Wada
Chief Privacy Officer