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Permanent Baseline Quotas

Permanent Baseline Quotas are storage limits that will be placed on all UCLA Google personal accounts and Shared Drives starting June 27, 2024. The quotas were determined with careful consideration of the new Google Workspace for Education contractual storage limits for our entire Bruin community .​

Refer to the table below for the Permanent Baseline Quotas for each affiliation and account type.

Permanent Baseline Quotas by Affiliation and Account Types

Permanent Baseline Quotas will be implemented on all UCLA related Google personal accounts and shared drives starting June 27, 2024. A Permanent Baseline Quota is the storage limit that an account’s use must be under to avoid disruption to UCLA Google services.

Primary Affiliation* Permanent Baseline Quota
All staff and students (undergraduate and graduate students not graduating in 2024) 20GB per account
Academic deans, faculty, emeriti, recall, non-faculty, postdocs, medical residents See quota extension information below
Alumni, retirees  5GB per account for email only
Students in the Class of 2024  5GB per account (effective September 1, 2024)
Shared Drives 20GB per drive

*Permanent Baseline Quota assignment is based on primary affiliation, set in the following order for those with multiple affiliations: faculty (including emeriti), staff, students, retirees, alumni.

Quota Extension Eligibility

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Creative Activities has sponsored a temporary  extension for eligible personal drives and qualifying Shared Drives.

Temporary Extension for Eligible Personal Drives

The temporary extension through June 2025, for research-related personal drives will be automatically applied to the UCLA Google Workspace accounts for faculty, emeriti, academic deans, recall, academic appointee nonfaculty, postdocs, and medical residents starting June 27, 2024.

Students with academic appointments on June 27, 2024, will be granted a temporary extension through Fall Quarter 2024; it will be automatically applied.

Students without academic employee appointment by the June 27, 2024, deadline, that have research-related data in their Personal Drives that is directly associated with a research project directed by UCLA faculty or a Principal Investigator, may be eligible for extension through Fall Quarter 2024. Details will be communicated soon. In the meantime, to qualify for this extension be mindful of the following:

  • Your Google Storage data must be research related with a research project that is directed by UCLA faculty or Principal Investigator (PI).
  • You must complete a form   to apply for this extension.
  • The form will require that you name the PI, and that you know that the PI will need to attest to the storage use.

Please note that  we anticipate that extension funding will terminate June 2025. It is advised that Principal Investigators plan accordingly and begin to reduce storage.

Consider using a Shared Drive (vs. Personal Drive) for collaboration on projects and across departments.

Shared Drives (Registration Required)

Shared Drives with research-related data require registration to be eligible for the temporary, through June 2025. If you own or manage a Shared Drive, or if your lab uses a Shared Drive, please complete the Shared Drive Registration form as soon as possible.

You are encouraged to submit the registration form a minimum of one  week prior to the June 27, 2024, deadline to allow time for processing and to avoid risk of service interruptions. Request forms received early will be prioritized.

Regularly visit this page for the most up-to-date information about this extension for both Personal Drives and Shared Drives.

Containment ceilings will be set at slightly above current usage following the Containment phase tier structure:

  • 20GB – 50GBB
  • 50GB – 100GB
  • 100GB – 500GB
  • 500GB – 1TB
  • 1TB – 2TB
  • 2TB – 5TB
  • 5TB – 10TB

Permanent Baseline Quotas vs Containment Ceilings

Containment ceilings are temporary storage limits set slightly above the current usage of
accounts on December 15, 2023. The purpose of these containment ceilings was to contain any further growth in the data storage usage before implementing the Permanent Baseline Quotas.

Permanent Baseline Quotas are the storage limits set for each account based on primary affiliation, and they will be implemented on June 27, 2024. This is the storage limit that your storage use must be under by June 27, 2024, in order to avoid disruption to your UCLA Google services. Note that some accounts, based on primary affiliation, may have the option to purchase additional storage to supplement their Permanent Baseline Quota. See the Alternative Storage Options page for additional details as they become available.